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Customize Your Windows Desktop Experience with OneLaunch

OneLaunch is the time-saving, easy-to-use, taskbar that will streamline your PC experience. By being fully customizable, OneLaunch creates a focused experience on the apps and programs that you actually use in a Windows environment. OneLaunch balances customizability with ease of access so that anyone will be able to download and use the program with no additional expenses.

What Is OneLaunch?

OneLaunch was built around improving the Windows experience for all users. It is a taskbar that’s pinned to the top of your desktop and has several new functionalities for home, school, and work use. Basically, anyone can use it.

OneLaunch uses Chromium, an open-source project that supports Google’s Chrome browser, to provide a powerful browsing experience with built-in search capabilities. It also has a fully customizable dashboard that supports bookmarks, custom widgets, and a personalized news window.

OneLaunch takes steps to increase your productivity by keeping track of your open applications in the dock as well as being able to take snips of your screen and store them in the built-in clipboard.

For anything else, OneLaunch supports custom plugins for quick access to other tools that you regularly use most like documents, recent files, and more! They are rolling out new apps all the time.

OneLaunch Features

Faster Search

Search is always front and center to the OneLaunch user experience. No matter what application you’re in, internet searches are always accessible at the top of your screen. Through its settings, you can customize what search engine you’d like to use, as well as what browser you’d like internet searches to open in.

A More Powerful Chromium Browser

OneLaunch’s customizable browser takes the best features from Google Chrome and integrates them directly into the taskbar. With the power to clear search history, OneLaunch’s custom browser allows you to make internet searches unaffected by the metadata that search engines have gathered on you.

OneLaunch Next Gen Clipboard

OneLaunch also has a built-in clipboard for text and pictures that you’ve copied while using the application. If collecting a mass amount of information, OneLaunch can store everything you’ve collected for future use.

Snipping Tool at Your Fingertips

One of the most popular features is OneLaunch’s snipping tool, which is now right at your fingertips. No need to search for tools, memorize keystrokes or Google search, “how to do screenshots in Windows.” The clipping tool is right where you need it, and it saves your screenshots for you.

Easy Access to All Your Windows

OneLaunch organizes all of the windows you currently have open on the taskbar, allowing you preview what’s happening in these apps for quick, succinct access. All of these are available at any time, and you can easily tab through them as you work.

Better Shortcuts with OneLaunch

Any app or website can be pinned to the top of OneLaunch like a program, creating a hub for the services that you use the most.

For example, you can use the snipping tool shortcut to take full screenshots or select partial regions of your screen and store the images within the clipboard shortcut. You can also track packages from FedEx, UPS and USPS, with the Package Tracker app. You can also shop your favorite sites at the click of a button with the Shopping app.

No more searching through your PC for functions and programs — ease of access is the key with OneLaunch!

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